Saturday, we went apple picking. For the first time in my life, I went apple picking. We convinced my parents to join us which is not an easy task. My mom is all for things that are easy and not so much about things that involve new events that she is not already comfortable with. So I was really excited that we could share this experience with her. I was also excited that we were able to split up and my parents went down one row and we went down another. It was nice having them there and sharing it but not feeling like we were going too fast or being too slow.

I was most excited about the fact that my favorite apple, Fuji apples, were available for the picking! We got three bags to fill and we filled one with Fujis, one with Jonagolds, and the last with Golden Delicious. And one random Asian Pear which we didn’t realize that we were picking a pear until we got further into the row and realized that it was clearly a pear and not a weird apple.



So I guess you could say that it was a good day on Saturday. It was a good tradition to start. Sometimes I feel like I’ve failed her because we don’t have traditions that we do every single year since she was born. But I guess now is as good a time as any. Why not start traditions now?

Do you have any traditions that you love? Any we should incorporate in our family plans? 🙂 I’m always open to suggestions.

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  • Faith R says:

    Some of our traditions aren’t seasonal or attached to a holiday, they are just things that we do as a family so often that the kids have really strong memories of them. Like about every month or two, when my hubs is going to be off for the weekend he’ll get up early, bring a kid with him and get a box (or 2) of doughnuts.
    We go to the mall and hang out at the bookstore.
    We go out to eat Mexican food a couple Sundays a month… those are things my kids will remember. Hopefully when they do those things as adults they’ll think fondly of their childhood 🙂