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Aberdeen, South Dakota 2016: Storybook Land

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So Bailey, Birdie and I went to Aberdeen together last week. It was such a great time of bonding for Bailey and I. I loved seeing Bailey at all the different stops. This was where I lived for a year of my life so seeing my kids here was so much fun. I know there are pictures of me in similar poses with the same statues.

Storybook Land is a place in Aberdeen that has little statues of all the Mother Goose and Brothers Grimm Stories. It also has an entire section of it that is dedicated to the Wizard of Oz. It is so special to me.




My dad came with us and we had a blast going around the park together. It was exhausting but so fun.


Birdie Mae’s Nursery Tour

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So back story:

CribMakingSean was going to build the crib. He has spent hours and hours working on this crib that we made for Birdie. We looked up plans back in March. He bought all the wood in May. Spent time all summer working on the crib. Sanding and sanding all the slats, Painting, staining… The plans kinda sucked, so he had to make adjustment after adjustment. And then. After all the time and effort and money he spent on this crib, we get it upstairs and put it together… and the mattress is about 1/2 foot too short. Meaning the crib dimensions were created for a mattress that was longer… Sean had spent so much time being frustrated with the crib. The way the plans were laid out to put the slats in, they were too far apart, and then when he screwed them in, it was in a  way that 1: made the wood split and 2: had sharp parts for the baby. He was so angry every time he worked on the crib.

I kept saying (FOR MONTHS) “are you sure we shouldn’t just BUY a crib?” and he kept saying 1: he didn’t want to spend $400 on the crib I wanted, 2: he loved me and wanted to do this for me, and 3: wanted a crib that he could say that he had built for his kids. So for these reasons, he said for months that we should not buy a crib. I kept saying that I wouldn’t worry about it until he was back from Paternity leave if the crib wasn’t done yet. The day he went back to work from paternity leave, he figured out the crib wouldn’t work. So … we finally thew in the towel and bought a crib. I felt awful. It was my idea, after all, to build the crib.

I had waited months and months to take pictures of the nursery because I was waiting for this legendary crib that Sean was building… all for naught. So here we go. Nursery Tour…


When you walk in, straight ahead you see a window and the chair. This chair, I was debating whether to get or to go with a rocking chair. With Bailey, I never needed a rocking chair, but Birdie loves to be rocked. So this may or may not be a good thing that we got this chair.  I still love it and it is amazing in the room, but I totally wish that it rocked.


My mom bought us the changing table and at first I didn’t think I would like it, but I do love it. We painted it white and got some baskets for it and now I do love it. The paintings are from a flea market in Arizona when we lived there.


The dresser was my grandmothers. My mom has tried to get rid of it a few times, and THANKFULLY I got it. There are only a few things I have of my mom’s mom and this dresser is one of them. I love it so much. It has so much character and really is a beautiful piece. The lamp and basket are from Ikea.

IMG_4172The speaker on top of the dresser is a Sonos. I love Sonos speakers so much! You control what plays by your phone and you can use Spotify, Pandora, or iTunes or many other music playing options. And the Illinois State Rattle is from Bannor Toys. I won it this summer and I am so in love with it. It even has a little bird on it with her name.


The illustrious crib. I really am in love with it but feel bad that we ended up having to purchase one. The mountains, I painted.


The mobile. I saw one on etsy and loved it but I wanted the yellow to match the wall as well as I wanted  to not spend a hundred dollars on a mobile that I could make. Granted, mine is NOT as well done as the one I found on easy, however, it works.


This has been a serious labor of love. I feel like I’m awful at interior design, but this room has come together so amazingly. I am so happy with it. I just need to feel as passionate about other rooms in our house as well. This is the first one that I’ve really felt dedicated to.

The wall, I took from this: LeClair Decor Nursery  and my Pinterest board is here: Joyful Jangle’s Pinterest “Nursery”. The wall painting is not my original idea, I saw it on Pinterest and copied it. LeClair Decor is genius.

Anyway, I hope you liked my nursery tour.


Shopping List

Crib: Babyletto – Scoot; White with Walnut
Crib Sheet: Circo; Gray Dot on White
Basket: Ikea Muffins; Basket, seagrass
Floor Lamp: RANARP Floor/reading lamp, nickel plated
Wall Lamp: RANARP Wall/clamp spotlight, off-white
Wipes Holder: OXO Tot PerfectPull; Pink
Bear: Ty Large Black Bear; Paws
Chair: Ikea STRANDMON Wing chair, Skiftebo yellow
White fur: Ikea TEJN Faux sheepskin, white
Shelf: Ikea
Mobile: Homemade by me
Rug: Ikea ALMSTED, Black
Dresser: Vintage, My Grandmother’s
Letter B: Chalkboard Letter B from Joann Fabrics
Glass Jars: Ikea BURKEN Jar with lid, clear glass, aluminum
Speaker: Sonos Play:1; White
Side Table: Ikea LÖVBACKEN Side table, medium brown
Gold Star: Hobby Lobby
Quilt: Homemade by me 🙂
Hot Air Balloon Paintings: Bought at a Flea Market, Frames by Sean
Pillows: Yellow Damask & You Are My Favorite
Mermaid: Jumping Birds; Mermaid Doll
Shelf: 3-Shelf Trestle Bookcase Espresso
Garbage Can: Ikea KNODD Bin with lid, black
Changing Table: Thrift Store Find, Painted White
Baskets on Changing Table: Room Essentials™ Rectangular Basket & BHG Small Wire Basket
Changing Pad Cover: American Baby Company; Gray Honeycomb
Mushroom Night Light: Circo® Love n Nature Mushroom LED Nightlight
Child Rocking Chair: Vintage, My Father’s Old Chair

Birdie Mae’s Birth Story

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If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I was waiting for little Birdie for so long. I had it in my mind that she was gonna be born early, even though Bailey was overdue and had to be induced.


The morning before she was born, October 6th,  I had an appointment around 12.

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 1.51.14 PM

They had me take a non stress test and everything was normal. They checked me and said that there was very little changes. My doctor came in and said, “I don’t want you to be pregnant any longer. Can you come to the hospital today at 4pm?” I was almost exactly a week overdue and ready to have this little bird.

My mom was supposed to be coming in Wednesday night, and getting there just in time for me to induce on Thursday, which was the plan in our minds. But when the doctor gave me the go ahead to come in that day, I jumped at the chance! I was excited that he wasn’t making me wait until Thursday! I tried to make it sound like I didn’t have a choice because I really was excited about the whole thing.

So when I got out of my appointment at 1:30, I called Sean and my mom and texted my friends to let them know I was supposed to be at the hospital at 4pm. I decided to run to the school first to let Bailey know that I would not be picking her up from school and that I was going to go have the baby at the hospital and she would be spending the night at her friend, Charlie’s, house.

Then I ran home. My plan for the next day, Wednesday, was to clean the house before my mom got there. My plan was for her to stay at our house instead of hers so that she could watch Bailey in the comfort of her own home. So I was going to need to change my bed sheets and wash them, and clean the whole house. We have three pets and if you don’t sweep every day (which I wasn’t) it becomes a dusty, hairy mess.

So my list of things to do was :
1-Stop at the school and see Bailey.
2-Pack Baileys overnight bag for Charlies including her MMA stuff for practice that night.
3- change the sheets on my bed.
4-clean the downstairs
6-eat something

I ended up getting everything done except cleaning. The thing I was most thankful for was the shower. I remember feeling grimy last time and this time I felt beautiful and clean the entire labor. So next time I will remember to shower as soon as I know I’m going to the hospital.

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 1.52.32 PM

One other thing was that I didn’t know how much to eat, so I made one grilled cheese sandwich. The problem with this was I had only had a small bowl of cereal at 9am and then this lunch was at 2pm. The next time I was able to eat was at 9pm (luckily they let me eat before bed.) So i was starving. I know I was hungry because Sean said the food was disgusting, while I thought it was so good and even ate half of his meal too!


Finally, I was on my way to the hospital, and Sean was too. He had been in the city that day and left as soon as I told him I was going to the hospital that night.

VSCO Cam-1-1

He made it a little after I did and we settled into the hospital room. It wasn’t that bad, I liked it. Sean hates hospitals and had to sleep in a fairly uncomfortable chair.


I changed into my gown and sat on the bed and waited. My doctor finally came in at 7pm. My doctor wanted to try the foley balloon. It was traumatic. I don’t remember where Sean was but he was gone… I think to check on Bailey… or maybe to let the dog out. And the doctor said my cervis was too high? or something. And I almost passed out while he was trying to put it in. So he decided to change his mind and use cytotec. They did one dose at 7pm and another at 11pm. They wanted me to be at least 4cm by 8am so that they could pop my water. Overnight I started feeling some contractions and at 4am when they started me on pitocin, I could tell that I was starting to contract on my own. Sean left around 5 or 6am to check on Duke and let her outside and then walked with Bailey to school.

At this point, they decided to turn down the pitocin because I was having quite a bit of pain and started whining during contractions. They said that it gets turned up in counts of 2. I was only at a 4 when they turned me down to a 2 and I was still contracting. At 7am they had turn over and I got a new nurse. She asked how my contractions were and what number I was at. I didn’t want to seem like a wimp and i was imagining that pain could be so much worse than what I was dealing with.. so i said maybe a 3 or a 4. I mean it hurt but I wasn’t dying! But at some point I knew I was probably not going to be able to go natural the way I wanted to. Especially when everyone around me kept saying how it wasn’t a bit deal and I didn’t need to be brave.  Sean was gone… and I felt kind of alone and a bit scared. So I asked for some pain reliever in my IV. I don’t remember what kind it was, but they put some in and I remember I didn’t whimper anymore during the contractions, but it totally messed with me. I felt high and I could think straight.

My sister in law called me at one point to wish me luck, and I couldn’t even talk to her. I was in a ball curled up on the bed listening to my music on headphones trying to distract myself from the contractions. And finally, I decided, whatever. I was just going to get the epidural anyway.

Sean came back at some point and they checked me and I was at 5 cm and the doctor came in and popped my water. Then they gave me my epidural. Last time with Bailey I couldn’t’ feel anything. This time, I could feel everything but without the pain. It was a weird/cool experience. I think this was around 830 or 9 am.

They came in a couple more times to check me. The next time I was at 7/8cm and then around 1015 they checked me again and I was at 10 cm. They said It was time to start pushing. The weird part was that the contractions weren’t coming very fast. So they had me wait between contractions and it felt like Iw as waiting for like a full minute between contractions. I would push three times per contraction and then I had to wait… and wait… and wait. The doctor was stretching me between contractions.

At one point, I was like “Can I just push?” and the doctor was like “Uh.. If you want…?” And I did want. He told me to slow down at one point as well because she had the cord around her neck. But at 10:53am she came out.

VSCO Cam-3

She had the blood vessels burst in her eyes… which was weird. They said it was from me pushing too hard to fast.


Sean cried. He never cries. He is not a crying person. I can remember every time in our marriage he has cried.

  1. When he left for deployment the first time of our relationship.
  2. When we got married.
  3. When Bailey was born.
  4. When Birdie Mae was born


It was beautiful. I love seeing how he loves his girls.


She had no problem latching on, although her latch was a bit painful and still is sometimes. She goes through days where it doesn’t hurt and then other times it does… I find that if my breasts are completely full, it hurts less than when they are more or less empty.


She was born on October 7th at 10:53 am. My mom arrived about an hour later. Sean spent the day with me and the night with Bailey at home. He came back after bringing Bailey to school. We had some visitors come by the room and then we went home on the 8th. I was ready at that point to go home. I think we got home around 4 or 5pm. My mom picked up Chinese food for us that night.

IMG_0019 IMG_0021

My mom kept saying how Birdie looked like a Schirle baby but we think she looks like Bailey who my mom said looked like a McNamara baby.