Camping at Pine Lake 2016

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Pine Lake United Methodist Camp

Sean and I have been talking about going camping for years. This summer we were finally put in a position where we decided to pull the trigger. Our church goes camping every year and we decided to join them last minute. It was great to check it out and see what everyone has been talking about in years past.

The beautiful views weren’t awful either 🙂

We got there Friday night, late, spent time at campfires together and then went to bed. The next morning was we woke up to a beautiful view. Since I couldn’t see what we were next to that night I didn’t even realize how gorgeous it was.


After breakfast we had some team building skills in the retreat center which also had an awesome view.


Photo by Hannah Davis

Photo by Hannah Davis

During free time we decided to spend time together down at a little beach and the kids jumped right in the water. Even though the weather was a little gray and it was a bit chilly out, the water was pretty warm. We carried each others babies and spent time together.



There was an opportunity for Sean and I to go canoeing so we grabbed it up. It was one of very few opportunities for me to teach SEAN something! He knows how to do everything, but he’s never been canoeing before!




That night we had a mini campfire and had marshmallows and s’mores.


Photo by Hannah Davis

Photo by Hannah Davis

Photo by Hannah Davis

Photo by Hannah Davis

Photo by Hannah Davis

Photo by Hannah Davis

Photo by Hannah Davis



Photo by Hannah Davis

Photo by Hannah Davis

Photo by Hannah Davis

Photo by Hannah Davis

Sometimes I like to pretend I’m Bigfoot and I walk through people’s photos. 🙂

Photo by Hannah Davis

Photo by Hannah Davis

The next morning we woke up and packed up and Bailey and Sean went fishing with Tyler. Tyler and Sean caught some fish. Bailey got good at casting!Tyler&FishSean&BaileyFishing

By Sunday morning, Bailey was pretty exhausted and clingy, which at this age is pretty cute and we love it paying her special attention.



We took a group picture at the end and it ended up such a great time.

Hannah Davis is an amazing photographer and one of my best friends. I just want to give credit where credit is due.

Aberdeen, South Dakota 2016: The Farm

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Part of our trip to the Aberdeen includes visiting the farm. Now, this farm is my Mother’s Grandmother’s farm and her mother lived in a house on the farm as well. It was passed down my Grandmothers, Brothers side of the family and my grandma ended up moving into town with my grandpa and that’s where my mom grew up. I love visiting it but I think, since I haven’t visited the farm in years and years, I had built it up in my head. I remembered it being in perfect condition from when I lived in it back in 7th and 8th grade. Being back made me appreciate it for what it is, a piece of family history, and not lust after living there which would be ridiculous now. As well as the fact that it’s not even something that we would be able to live in anyway.

There are actually two plots of farm. One was the one we lived in and the other is the one that was the original farm. The Layle Evans silos are from the farm we lived on.


I love the history of this place, and knowing how long this place has been in our family blows my mind.  My grandma was born in the early 1900s and so I know the house has been our family for over a hundred years. It’s just crazy.

This trip definitely solidified in my head my need for traveling though.

Aberdeen, South Dakota 2016: Storybook Land

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So Bailey, Birdie and I went to Aberdeen together last week. It was such a great time of bonding for Bailey and I. I loved seeing Bailey at all the different stops. This was where I lived for a year of my life so seeing my kids here was so much fun. I know there are pictures of me in similar poses with the same statues.

Storybook Land is a place in Aberdeen that has little statues of all the Mother Goose and Brothers Grimm Stories. It also has an entire section of it that is dedicated to the Wizard of Oz. It is so special to me.




My dad came with us and we had a blast going around the park together. It was exhausting but so fun.