Can I be straight with all of you? Whoever you are?

I flat out love Christmas. It is amazing. I would decorate for Christmas in September if I thought I could get away with it. I love the cold feeling outside and the lights. How everyone is more cheery, wishing everyone else a “Happy Holidays” or a “Merry Christmas”. The music is amazing! I mean, Hello!? Plus, I get to give presents to everyone I love! I like the time surrounding it. How beautiful everything looks.

I have had the tree up for a couple weeks now. And we have been waiting for a nicer day to put the lights up.

Today we put up our Christmas lights. Well when I say “we”, I really mean Sean & Seamus. Like I said, I really don’t mind him being here anymore. He has been so very helpful. I actually thought they were going to be painting the kitchen, something that I thought would never happen. But today was one of the last nice days.

So they started by sending Seamus to the roof. Sean told him to get up there and and then they realized that it was going to be more difficult than they originally had thought. Luckily there was a guy across the street that was hired to help hang lights for them and we asked him to do ours. He laughed and said that he couldn’t or maybe wouldn’t. But he did give us advice. To get hooks, screw them into our house and hang the lights with a big ladder that we could rent at Home Depot.

Two hours later, Sean and Seamus came back and started working on the lights.

It was pretty scary for me. Luckily I didn’t see him way up high. I came out when he was done with the high stuff. We decided to go with traditional style lights. But Sean is disappointed with the lights and how there isn’t that much of them.

Our first Christmas lights to go up. Simple but we love them.

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But I personally think that he has watched too much Christmas Vacation. I think it looks great. Especially for our first year. Last year we weren’t able to do lights.

What do you do for lights? Do you go all out? Or, like our neighbors, do you say, Heck no! Nobody’s got time for that, shizz!