First Beach Day of the Season

By June 9, 2015Bailey

Where we live we have a couple public beaches, one in particular is really nice and the best part is that where we live, we have to pay $10 bucks a year (per car) and we get a sticker and we get in completely free to the beaches! It’s pretty awesome. We did not take advantage of this at all last year. This year, I plan to. We got our stickers in the mail yesterday, and so when this morning proved a difficult morning with Bailey being restless and difficult most of the morning, I thought of the beach.

Now getting me out of the house is not an easy task. I’m such more of a homebody than I’d like to admit. But after I suggested it, there was not turning back. So, should I go with my new Old Navy tankini (I got it for those occasions when I didn’t feel like baring it all) or my old bikini. Bailey told me, “No mommy, I don’t want you to show your belly” with the most outrageous look of disgust when I asked her if I should just wear my bikini.

So we packed towels, my book (which I wasn’t even able to read because I was too busy watching her. I don’t know how parents do it.) sand toys, an umbrella, two chairs, and two lunches and a water bottle.


Checking ourselves out to make sure we looked beach ready.


And if you can see the little speak of a head in the water in the middle, that’s her. She was in so quickly. We loves water and the beach. She had such a good time! And the water here was perfect for kids. She could walk all the way across to the mini beach on the other side which was such a great adventure to her. She kept giving me a thumbs up if she went underwater on accident to tell me she was alright.

4 2

She kept coming back to me asking if she could be a mermaid, or if she could be a dog, or whatever… and she tried to make friends, but most people came with friends and weren’t interested. So next time, I think we’re going to have to bring some people with us.

3  5
Lunch time with PB&J for me, PB&Nutella for her, carrots for her, pickles for me, grapes for her, cherries for me. She dropped her sandwich in the sand and still ended up eating the whole thing. And the fact that she sat so good while we ate, definitely blew my mind. She usually can’t sit still.


Before we left, she just had to go on the playground there. I didn’t realize it was there because the only other time we came, a friend took her over to this part of the beach so I didn’t really see it. I was starting to get sunburned at this point so I told her we had to leave soon, but she insisted she only needed 5 minutes. And she was pretty good. I let her stay 10 but when I said it was time to go, she was totally okay with it.


When we got home, we came upstairs and took baths and then she watched a little bit of Tangled before passing out, which I knew was going to happen. Although we were only there a couple hours, she definitely wore herself out.

It was such a great day. I’m glad that we did this, to kind of break the ice on the beach for me so that next time it will be more familiar and feel more inviting to me. I think we will definitely go in the morning though because once it hit noon, it got so busy and was SO HOT! Morning Beach times sound better than afternoon ones anyway. 🙂