First Day of Kindergarten

By August 27, 2015Bailey, School

So it was Bailey’s first day of school. I can’t believe it. We all walked to school together. When I say all I mean three of my neighbors with all the kids plus Bailey’s friend Charlie and her parents. So there was a big group of us.   This morning Bailey and Sean both woke up at 630 and were ready to go downstairs and start breakfast. So I acted like a good little housewife and made homemade waffles, coffee for Sean, apple juice for Bailey, and lunches for both. And before Sean went to work him and Bailey hugged and looked like the cutest ever. ❤️

When I got home all I could think of was how weird it was. I didn’t feel like crying I just kept thinking “What just happened?”
We last minute decided to car pool with Charlie since we live right next to each other. So I grabbed her mom and we went to pick them up. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll have heard about how we have a huge parking drama at our school. So picking up was even more crazy. We had to double park which was weird. Well we finally got Bailey and Charlie in the car and decided to go to get some fro-yo to celebrate.  
We had a blast I tell you. I’m just so glad that they have each other in the class. And now they are off in Bailey’s room playing while I get to lay on the bed and watch more Friends.

How was dropping your kids off this year? Was it traumatic for anyone? Did anyone else just feel weird and kinda lost afterward like me?