My two words for the year. Give & Grow.

I feel like God wants me to give him everything. My life, my heart my all along with my money. Step 1. Starting January 1st we are on a tithing payment plan so we can start counting it as a bill. Right out of the account.

I also feel like God is calling me to give more to others. My time, my love, my attention. I feel him calling me to Give everything I have to him for his glory. And in return I feel God promising me that he will Grow me up. Which is what I want.

Another reason Grow is a good word is because Bailey is turning 5. I CANNOT FATHOM how I even have a 5 year old. Am I that OLD?! And yes, I am. Sean & I will be turning 30! and Bailey starts Kindergarten! How is this possible?

I also want to Grow a savings account and a garden this year.

Goals & Resolutions:

  • Read the whole bible.
  • Not drink
  • Get pregnant ( hehe 🙂
  • Grow a garden again.
  • Go to church consistently

I have good feelings about this. 🙂 What is your word for the year?