Yesterday we found out we were having another girl! We knew we wanted to have a little gender reveal photoshoot with our favorite photographer, Hannah Davis so we picked up some little confetti poppers and packets from Target and headed to the backyard! Thankfully it was a beautiful day out for some awesome pictures.

Gender Reveal with Pink Confetti

Family trying to open confetti poppers.The ultrasound tech found the baby’s bottom right away and we looked and I think both my MIL and I saw … nothing. I remember thinking “if something was there we would see it right?” And the tech said, “Well… I’m not completely positive, buuuuutttt I think it’s a girl….” and throughout the ultrasound (which was so wonderful by the way, she was so kind) she kept checking. And at the end, she said, “okay! I think it’s time we put it in writing. It’s a girl!” Sean and I were smiling from ear to ear, so excited… and yet in disbelief. What?! Three girls?! We are beyond happy. Now just to figure out a name. (More on that later)

Girl excited with confetti Pregnant woman and daughter excited with confettiUltrasound pictures on grass

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