It’s a Girl!

By May 7, 2015Pregnancy


Well, the day has come! It’s Thursday! It’s May 7th! And we had our half way ultrasound!

First off, we thought it was at 1230, but it was at 1200 so they had to hurry up to get it done before their 1245 peed herself! So it was a little bit rushed, but our Ultrasound Tech was so amazingly kind and so good at her job.

She asked if we knew what the gender was and if we wanted to know (YES! OF COURSE WE DID!) and so she looked right away. Baby was transverse along my belly and she was moving around and had her ankles crossed, but we could see pretty clearly that it was a girl! Nothing between the legs… and the rest of it basically went well, except she was rushing and kept getting frustrated and saying she was being a difficult little booger. haha… I’m sure this is just a small indicator of this child’s stubbornness.

As soon as she said it was a girl and I saw there wasn’t anything between her legs, I was like “Well, maybe it’s just the wrong angle… maybe she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.” But then I remembered how my nurse said she’s one of the best around and she’s been doing it forever. And she said, “it’s DEFINITELY a girl!” It’s just blowing my mind. Everyone thought she would be a boy!

But this just goes to show, every pregnancy is different. With Bailey, I was deathly ill and this time I wasn’t ¬†at all! So, I suppose sickness isn’t an indicator of gender… same with cravings, and the like. Nothing about this pregnancy was like the last, but it’s another girl!

And the minute I started thinking about the baby being a girl, I started thinking about how amazing it was holding a baby girl and cuddling her. I was so excited for Bailey and we are so excited for this little one too.

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