Along with the passage identified in the title of the post, I was reading from Timothy Keller’s Judges for You book which I purchased on Amazon. This is “the book” that I am referring to, unless otherwise noted.

What Did I Learn?

I know I’ve heard this story before, but for 2/3 of the people to be too afraid to stay is astounding to me. And for the last 1/3 to be so brave after 2/3 leaves? and for them to say that they were still wanting to fight surprises me.


What Stood Out To Me?

Judges 7:18 I didn’t like that he told them to go into the camp saying “For the Lord & for Gideon!” I’m confused, because isn’t that taking the glory away from God and putting some on himself. Like it was about him? And since God led him the entire time, I felt it was a slight to God to put any amount of praise onto himself.

Judges 7:25 It sounds pretty barbaric that they killed the princes of Midian and took their heads back to Gideon. … Not much to comment other than that seems rough, but I have to remember it was a different time and different culture. And war today is much different than war back then.

The book says this “Notice what great faith Gideon shows in verses 3-8, trusting God and not numbers.” This is something that really stands out to me, and I’m surprised I didn’t notice it in the bible reading. It was only when it was spelled out to me in the book, that I am totally impressed and motivated. Instead of worrying and saying, “uh… God this doesn’t make sense. I went from 30k+ to 300. Are you sure?” He said, “Yes, God! Lets do this!” I want to be more like that. Faith Like Gideon! He believed that God knew what he was doing and he ran into war with less than 99% of what he had and he still had faith they would make it out victorious! Can I do that? Can I live my life with less than 99% of what I thought I had to help me and still make it? With less than 99% of the money we have now? With less than 99% of the possessions? or quality of items I have? Or not even talking about that, can I trust in God when I look at myself and say, “I have nothing, but I will trust that you will provide me with all I need to serve you in the way you want me to.”


What is God Trying to Tell Me? or
What Does This Tell Me About God?

Obviously, this tells me about how mighty God is, that he is able to take over an entire Midianite army with 300 people and that he is true to his word, that he led Gideon to this and helped him the entire way.

In the book + in the bible it talks about how God wanted to emphasize that the victory was all God’s. I need to remember this on the daily. So many times, I start out saying “God you are so good and this is all because of you. This is all yours.” And then as time goes on, and the days go by, I forget. And I start saying, “This is so great. I am so lucky. We are awesome. Sean, you are great.” I need to continue my praise to the One who deserves it all. Or as Timothy Keller puts it, “The glory is His, and the privilege is mine.


My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is perfected in weakness. 2 Corinthians 12:9