Our Fourth of July Weekend

I don’t know what it’s like in your town, but this is the only place I’ve lived where the Fourth of July is extended to an entire weekend. Whether it’s on a Wednesday or a Saturday, our surrounding towns kind of split up the Fourth of July so that we have fireworks on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

This year, we were invited to spend Friday at Great Lakes Naval Base with some friends we have. They had a carnival and lots of food and fun.  
Bailey wanted us to make our tough faces. This was on our way to get decorative sunglasses and smoke fireworks.
Getting necessities. Like apples and bananas.

This one made it all the way around and upside down… scared us mommas to death!

Saturday Morning, we went outside and sat on the blanket and spent time together outside.  

We played Cards Against Humanity with our neighbors.. I was nervous at first but eventually things started to heat up and everyone had a good time.  

Sunday, I got all dressed up and Bailey said (half asleep) “I don’t think you look pretty mommy.” But I think I looked pretty good so I didn’t care that she was saying things that she didn’t mean and were so not true.

Sunday we had church and then a parade with some friends and then voluntary naps by all! 🙂

Fireworks in our town finally.

So overall, we had a great weekend full of friends and fireworks.

Do your towns do anything different or special for the Fourth of July?