By March 16, 2015Bailey

I love these days with her.

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Bailey is pretending I’m the Grandma and she’s the Mom who’s pregnant.  This is her bed and when she says she’s SO sick and I suggest to come into bed, she says she doesn’t want me to catch it and that she needs to lay in her own bed. So she lays down in the corner with some pillows and blankets.

She just went downstairs to check to see what Duke was barking at and said she’s too sick and pregnant to come up by herself and needed me to help her up the stairs. So I held her under her arms as we walked slowly painfully up the stairs.

And as we are slowly going up the stairs, she whispers, “Let’s pretend this is the sad part.”

I couldn’t stop laughing and she kept whispering, “Just pretend, Mommy.”

I love you Bailey. You are the best at making me smile.