Saturday our plans were to go to Goebberts Pumpkin Patch. We wanted to go last year but for whatever reason, we just never made it. So this year, it was a “must do” on our list. Saturday, however, turned out to be a day or rest. Sean wanted to work on the mantel (which has been a longer process than expected) and I wanted to do nothing. Sunday was a big event at our church, and seeing as how Sean hates crowds, we decided to opt out and spend some family time at the pumpkin patch. It was so much fun.

We got there around 930 I believe and we pull up and park and Bailey yells out, “I FORGOT MY SHOES!”



I was so annoyed. I can’t even explain why. I was just so angry that she could forget her shoes. You see sometimes, I forget that she’s only 4½. I forget that she’s a baby. In my mind she’s my best friend and such a teenager that many times I find myself looking in on a situation and telling myself to calm down, or step up and be a mom and realize that my baby is still a kid.

Sean helped me snap out of my mood though. He immediately laughed. When we got there and realized that she had no shoes he busted out laughing and kept repeating her “*GASP!* I FORGOT MY SHOES!” and laughing hysterically.  He definitely helped me realize that the situation was funny and not as annoying as I originally thought. So we ran to Walmart and grabbed her some $6 shoes. (Thank you, Walmart for being a mile away.)

Once we got inside it was go, go, go. Bailey jumped on the big bubble that kids love so very much.IMG_4876


We rode a camel together, for the first time in both of our lives. Which was kind of a fun, silly thing to share.








And we made sure to get her measured so that we can compare next year. She is just about 4 feet tall. Isn’t that insane!? She’s not even 5 years old and almost 4 feet tall. It’s crazy.




Overall, it was an amazing time. We were there til about 130pm and on the way home we were all exhausted. We napped and when we woke up we got ready for friends that we had coming to live with us.

We really did just have a blast that day.

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  • Summer says:

    I totally understand that feeling of anger.. Thanks for making me feel like a normal mama again… Your pretty awesome. I love the camel ride. Too cool and a memory she will cherish forever. ❤️