The First Step: Repentance

I’ve always been interested in diving deeper into the Psalms. I have always been drawn to them, but never motivated enough to actually read them. In a devotional in my bible, It talks about how “God’s Word never tells us our troubles will go away because we follow Christ, or that our enemies will eventually see things from our perspective.”  And I think this has guided by thinking many times in many conversations. Most recently though, I have felt this understanding really resonate. I have felt that God has been with me and this verse really speaks to that:

1 In my distress I called to the LORD,
and he answered me.

It says “he answered me” and I believe that God does come to you when you are in distress, it just might not show up the way you think it will. Sometimes he shows up as an overwhelming peace. Sometimes he shows up as a different feeling that motivates you to act in the way he is pushing you.

Another verse that jumps out at me is the last one, when it says:

7 I am for peace; but when I speak,
they are for war.

I know there have been times when I have felt that no matter how I speak or what I say, the person/people I am speaking with are going to want to fight me on it. There was one time when I was in the military when they even went so far as to say “You’re a Christian. It’s your job to convert me.” and I remember laughing out loud. I didn’t know for sure that it said in the bible that it was or was not, but I remember just feeling a release of “no. This is not a job for me.” It’s one thing to have a conversation, or to be able to speak peace and love, it’s another when the people are wanting to fight you on your beliefs and are “for war” so to speak.

The study talks about how Psalm 120 is about “It is the song of a person who is stirred to leave a broken world in search of a place where peace reigns.” I feel I can relate to this because for years, I’ve been wanting to get away. To live for God in the middle of no where. I’ve had this urge to sell everything, move to a farm or a wooded plot of land and just take my family and hide from the world. To find peace in the quiet, to get away from this evil world, full of corrupt politicians, awful companies that take no consideration for the environment, celebrities that encourage you to follow them when they stand for nothing. I have felt that dissatisfaction for our broken world. And I struggle with it. How can I do Gods will by leaving the world and sheltering myself and my family from it? Do I need to stay a part of the world to make a difference? These are questions that plague my mind. What is the right thing to do? Other than following God’s current calling on my life, I don’t know the answer. And for now, we feel led to stay where we are.

It stirs us to get up from where we are and seek a better way. We aren’t called simply to flee from the lies of our culture. We are called to flee to God.

Overall, this study really stirs in me that I need to stay connected to God. So that I can hear him when he is calling me to flee to him; Flee the world and its brokenness and lies. I know that I hear lies but I also know that God loves me and that he calls those lies out to me when I stay in his word and pray continuously.

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This Bible Study was given by SheReadsTruth and I read it online. Everything referenced is from this study unless otherwise noted. The bible that I use is my SheReadsTruth bible which is a CSB version.

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