Sprinkler Fun

By June 16, 2015Bailey

Last summer, we had spent money on a pool. A pool that I would spend hours and hours filling. A pool that Bailey loved… and a pool that after I had spent hours filling, would get slimy in like a day and Sean would dump out because it was “ruining his grass.” Also, by the end of summer, it had a big hole in the side… So this year, I don’t feel like spending money on something that would just make us waste water and would get a hole in it. So we took a tarp from Ikea ($7) and a sprinkler that Sean had already picked up from the store for the grass, and we let Bailey go crazy. ¬†She loves it. It’s just as good as a slip ‘n’ slide or a pool right? Well if she wants to go actually swimming, we have a beach that is free for us to use really close by. So we’ll just do that.

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