Part of our trip to the Aberdeen includes visiting the farm. Now, this farm is my Mother’s Grandmother’s farm and her mother lived in a house on the farm as well. It was passed down my Grandmothers, Brothers side of the family and my grandma ended up moving into town with my grandpa and that’s where my mom grew up. I love visiting it but I think, since I haven’t visited the farm in years and years, I had built it up in my head. I remembered it being in perfect condition from when I lived in it back in 7th and 8th grade. Being back made me appreciate it for what it is, a piece of family history, and not lust after living there which would be ridiculous now. As well as the fact that it’s not even something that we would be able to live in anyway.

There are actually two plots of farm. One was the one we lived in and the other is the one that was the original farm. The Layle Evans silos are from the farm we lived on.

_MG_1043_MG_1056_MG_1021_MG_1039old shed on the farm_MG_1013_MG_0999_MG_1023_MG_1004_MG_0997_MG_0983

I love the history of this place, and knowing how long this place has been in our family blows my mind.  My grandma was born in the early 1900s and so I know the house has been our family for over a hundred years. It’s just crazy.

This trip definitely solidified in my head my need for traveling though.